Flawed Perfectionism


It has been over a month since my last post and I hate myself for it.  Alright, so I don’t hate myself, but I would have really liked to have gotten into a weekly flow by now.  Instead after I got freshly pressed back in February I got stuck.  I felt that whatever I posted after ” The Epic Creative Flow”  had to be profound and insightful. However, by placing that expectation on myself I could no longer operate in freedom.  I could no longer allow my experiences to speak.  My words were no longer authentic.

The inner conflict of the perfectionist is that she is eternally working toward  fixing what she perceives as being eternally broken. So I’m going to take my perfectionist self, dishevel  her hair and pull out her well tucked shirt. I’m going to take her to places where she is going to get messy. I’m going to introduce her to grace.  Hopefully I can allow my two realities to converge and integrate by resting in simply being.


Your thoughts and comments are welcomed

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