The Risk to Trust

Church in France

Being brave requires courage.  It requires selflessness. When I am in a dark place I have to make a decision to risk .  I have to decide to trust what I can’t touch or see but believe to be certain.


The Launch

IMG_5213 (2)

I waited for you in Jubilant expectation,
expecting to hold a piece of heaven
an unmarred piece of me and husband

Waiting, I anticipated

In waiting, I longed for you to come into existence

You gazed into my light, my spirit and were kept inside me


Then there you were inhaling our ever present consciousness,
embracing all the love that exploded from within our core

You renamed me Mother and I am eternally changed

You look into my eyes and fill me with gratitude and hope that we are still being transformed into new creations

You heighten my senses.

You embody God’s grace on the earth, that we can be born again, received with a heart that longs to hold us.