The sigh of relief echoes a brief release

But the caverns, are still filled with murky waters

My lungs, my mind, my body can’t take this much longer

How do I endure ?

Do I surrender ?

No, I give time its place to fast-forward me out of here

As I wait for the unearthing

Waiting for the reveal, the knowing

Standing at the precipice I can see clearly,

But I’m afraid of where I stand

I wait

My lungs, my mind, my body rest

It’s calm now






Rally around the dream

Stand in solidarity with the cause

Commune with the invisible, the forgotten, the marginalized

Jolt yourself awake and shake off the dumbness of complacency

Do not ignore the calling that echoes within you

Then she can hold her position as a pillar of hope

as you feed her and cloth her

Then her beauty will radiate from within her to challenge you to come out of hiding

To rally around the truth

To stand in solidarity with freedom

And commune with the maker and creation

And He will awaken you so that your eyes radiate hope

And your hands can be solace wherever you are

The Launch

IMG_5213 (2)

I waited for you in Jubilant expectation,
expecting to hold a piece of heaven
an unmarred piece of me and husband

Waiting, I anticipated

In waiting, I longed for you to come into existence

You gazed into my light, my spirit and were kept inside me


Then there you were inhaling our ever present consciousness,
embracing all the love that exploded from within our core

You renamed me Mother and I am eternally changed

You look into my eyes and fill me with gratitude and hope that we are still being transformed into new creations

You heighten my senses.

You embody God’s grace on the earth, that we can be born again, received with a heart that longs to hold us.